Mar 27, 2010

The Change Monster : A mental model for org change

Every 'change agent' should have a perspective of the various 'theoritcal' frameworks that has been proposed around organizational change. A realisation of the diversity of the approaches and their conclusions will help a change agent frame his or her response to a situation. I intent to provide short notes on the various approaches in this and some subsequent postings.
One of the 'interesting' frames of references I have seen is that proposed by Jeanie Daniel Duck in the book 'the Change Monster'.( 2001,Randon House).

The Change Curve , as illustrated above, provides a map of the territory of change according to the author.The change curve suggests that every organization going through will change will go through the phases of stagnation( till it is pushed either externally or internally) and should then ideally go through the phases of preparation,implementation,determination and then fruition. 

Assuming that most of get to do things after someone has identified the need for change :-); here is a short list of does and don't in the various phases according to the author


  • Gain alignment

    • Use anxiety effectively

    • It is not important that leaders like each other,but they need to be able to work together effectively

    • Group change requires individual change ; a behavioural contract is required from every individual

    • Alignment is not the same as commitment and commitment is not the same as getting energized

      • A ready-willing and able assessment tells us when we are prepared
Some of the recommendations for implementation include the need to build leadership strength, the need for informal communications etc

Which other framework do you use ?

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