Mar 6, 2010

Competencies to enable change: Judgement

As I introspected on qualities that make up an effective change agent, I recognized 'Judgement' as one of the critical ones .Judgement is typically identified as a leadership quality. But given the similarity of the nature of issues ( though may be smaller in scope) that a leader and a change agent has to resolve 'Judgement' becomes critical to a change agent .

Judgement (Neol M.Tichy and Warren G. Bennis 'Judgement' ;2007 Penguin)  is defined as a contextually informed decision-making process encompossing three domains: people, strategy and crisis.

Like a leader,a change agent, entrusted with the responsibility to deliver an improvement in his/her organization must take decisions in the face of ambiguity,uncertainity and conflicting demands.Here is a short list of approaches that can lead to 'good judgement' If you are responsible to drive change through your organization, then, some of these are as much applicable to you

During the sense/identify phase
  • Be able to identify the environment early
  • Mobilize to act
  • Be energized about the future
During the frame/name phase
  • Be able to cut through the complexity and get to the essence
  • Clearly set parameters of a problem
  • Provides context and language
During the mobilize/align phase
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Engages and energizes stakeholders around framing
  • Taps best ideas from anywhere
During the call phase
  • Exercises yes/no judgement
  • Clearly explains judgement
As the execution phase
  • Leader stays in the game
  • Supports those making it happen
  • Sets clear milestones
  • Gets feedback
  • Makes adjustments
  • The feedback is continuos

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