Mar 13, 2010

Influencing : a key change agent skill

Another critical skill that every change agent should attempt to develop is the skill to influence. On most occasions change agents will have to work through project team members over whom they have no formal authority.

Allen R. Cogen & David L. Bradford in their book "Influence without Authority" (2005, John Wiley) proposes an 'Influence Model' .The influence model aims to provide direction on influencing others

According to the authors the influence model- a careful diagnosis of the other's interests,assessment of what resources you possess,and attention to the relationship-enables one to address 'difficult situations'

The key elements of the model ( see figure) are
  • Assume all-the other person or group-are potential allies
  • Clarify your goals and priorities
  • Diagnose the ally's world-organizational forces likely to shape goals,concerns and needs
  • Identify relevant currencies(what is valued): the ally's and yours
  • Deal with relationships
  • Determine your trading approach: make exchanges
Are there best practices when it comes to influencing? How can a change agent be more effective?

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