Dec 30, 2009

Is there a personal improvement process?

SelfNew year is always time for resolutions. And most resolutions are around improving some aspect of life. But given that many a resolution get forgotten by the middle of January, I need to ask; is there a proven approach for sticking to resolutions? for self improvement?

Though I am not an ardent reader of self improvement literature, I am sure most of the self improvement 'gurus' and books provide some sort of an guidance to establish and implement an improvement approach. But, how prespcreptive can then get? How comprehensive can they be?

For one looking for a 'process' or a step by step approach to self improvement I can think of Covey's Seven Habits. From establishing overall goals, thinking of one as performing multiple roles and planning actions Covey probably provides a thought through step by step approach to self improvement.

Manyother 'step by step' approaches, I have come across, typically focus on time management or personal efficiency improvement .They talk more about time allocation planning,files management etc etc

In my profession, there is this concept of 'personal software process" [Humphrey].This talks about how a software programmer can plan-do-check and act as an approach to improve his/her productivity.

Is there an equivalent 'self improvement process"?

Nov 28, 2009

Rationale for starting a blog

Blogs are meant for sharing.This blog will aim to share the author's ( I guess I should say blogger's)experience with improvement. As a professional who works with organizations to improve their ways of working ( we call it transformation, process improvement etc when we have to use jargon) I have been deeply interested in all matters related to improving things. What works..What does not. What to do..What not to.What motivates.What does not etc etc.

At a point of time, it also dawned that a lot of these learning and insights will be useful attempting self improvement and in leading and improving my team .

This blog will attempt to share experience,expertise and insights from watching how things change and improve.. from roads in my home city of Hyderabad, to my 14 year old son to some of the large organizations I work with

P.S. The secret reason for starting to blog is a personal target to improve written communication skills. So feedback is always appreciated