Aug 5, 2012

Strengthening leadership capabilities

There is this interesting HBR article [How to make yourself Indispensible –John H. Zenger & Scott K. Edinger HBR October 2011] which talks about leadership competencies.

Key conclusions

• 16 key leadership competencies correlate strongly with positive business outcomes.

• Each have a dozen ‘competency companions’ whose development will strengthen the core skill

Actions required to improve leadership capabilities

• Self analysis on the 16 competencies  described above

• Attempt an informal 360 degree feedback

o What leadership skills do you think are strengths for me?

o Is there anything that I do that might be considered a fatal flaw –that could derail my career or lead me to fail in my current job if not addressed?

o What leadership ability, if outstanding, would have the most significant impact on the productivity or effectiveness of the organization?

o What leadership abilities of mine have the most significant impact on you?

• Based on analysis of above

• Identify a strength to focus on by asking the following questions regarding the 16 leadership competencies

o Do I look for ways to enhance this skill?

o Do I look for new ways to use it

o Am I energized, not exhausted when I use it?

o Do I pursue projects in which I can apply the strength?

o Can I imagine devoting time to improving it?

o Would I enjoy getting better at this skill?

• From table below pick the complementary competencies that will help you strengthen the key strengths.

• Find ways to improve on them

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