Feb 2, 2010

Is there a connection ?

Between execution discipline and organizational change management?

Here is an interesting paragraph from an old book ,Execution ;The Discipline of Getting Things Done ( Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan 2002 Random House)

"Every body is talking about change.In recent years,a small industry of change meisters have preached revolution,reinvention,quantum change,break through thinking,audacious goals,learnings organizations and the like.....But,unless you translate big thoughts into concrete steps for action,they are pointless"

Does the discipline of Organizational Change Management help execute better?

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  1. Nice one, Habeeb! If I can adapt this question, i.e. can the discipline of execution help organizations transform? The answer is a clear yes. Because once the discipline of execution (the ‘DO’ part in PDCA cycle), which is an enabling force, is embedded into the organizational work culture / behaviors; any strategy, whether it is Org. change mgmt or business innovation etc. can become successful. Because most of the strategies get stuck at boardrooms and when they don’t percolate to the grass roots of the organization, which is in the form of a 'habit' of the knowledge worker, any change management programs will be bound to hit a wall. (As a foot note, to share, I also like the letter at the end of the book in discipline of execution!)